Why Do You Need a FISO Medical?

First things first, what does FISO medical really mean? Well, FISO stands for ‘Flight Information Service Officer’. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get into the more important stuff.

At Manchester Medicals, we understand that any type of medical exam can be nerve-racking and stressful. But do you really need a FISO medical? What happens during the medical? All these questions are incredibly valid, so let’s find out.

Why Do You Really Need a FISO Medical?

Any and all flight crew need to undergo special medical exams. This is because in the aviation world, being fit and able to fly or operate a plane filled with people is incredibly important. Which is why if you are training to be a pilot, a cabin crew member or a FISO, you need to undergo critical medical exams to ensure that you are as fit and healthy as you possibly can be and to avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

A FISO medical exam is almost the same as any of the other crew exams (such as the cabin crew medical or the pilot medical) but is just as important. In the exam, you will be tested for any pre-existing conditions that you may suffer from, as well as any family history. You will also be tested on a variety of levels, including your eye-sight (your eyesight is incredibly vital to being a FISO) and hearing test. These will all determine whether you are ready and able to look out for those in the skies.

What Happens During a FISO Medical?

As we mentioned above, during the FISO medical you will be tested on a variety of different aspects to do with your general health and your medical history. This test will be performed by either your GP or by an AME (Aeromedical Examiner).

During the medical test, your sight and hearing will be tested, to ensure that your senses are up to scratch. You will also be required to provide a urine sample, for the doctor to check for any alcoholic or drug type substance. They will also check for any symptoms of diabetes during this procedure.

You will also be asked any questions regarding your medical history or your family’s medical history that may be passed to you. This could be anything from heart disease or cancer. It is important that you are incredibly transparent and honest with your doctor while answering these questions, as it relies on your ability to guide planes to safety.

Who Performs the Medical?

As we stated previously, either your GP or a licensed AME can perform your FISO medical test. This is important, as whoever conducts your check-up must be fully licensed and able to complete the test.

You may also look for AME practitioners for solutions outside of the NHS. You could use this opportunity to look at medical companies who have specially licensed personnel on their team to assist you. For example, here at Manchester Medicals, Dr Chris Lydiatt is a CAA approved aeromedical examiner. He is thoroughly trained and fully able to help you with any medical needs that you may have.

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Here at Manchester Medicals, we place great importance on FISO medicals primarily because they are required to provide necessary information that allows thousands of pilots to operate and fly safely. To book your FISO medical, visit the Manchester Medicals website, or give us a call at 0161 826 2124.