Taxi Medicals (Taxi, Hackney & Minicab)

Looking for a Taxi Medical in Wigan? We are a qualified Taxi Medical company with years of experience that is just a short drive away. All of our customers are guaranteed to be seen by a medical professional with over 10 years experience. It can be frustrating attempting to get a GP appointment and potentially waiting up to three weeks to finally be seen. At Manchester Medicals we offer a comprehensive and efficient service that will ensure your licence medical requirements are met. We understand that a valid licence is a crucial part of your livelihood and we are proud to provide a fast and efficient service that doesn’t leave you waiting around. We can often see our customers at short notice and your appointment will take no longer than 30 minutes.

Our prices are also highly competitive. It can cost upwards of £100 to receive a taxi medical examination from your GP. With us at Manchester Medicals, the cost of your assessment is just £50. Other charges may apply for further, specialised tests. However, you can check this on our ‘prices and fees’ page. It is important to note that we can perform Taxi Medicals for any area, however, it is your responsibility to check that your local authority allows private, 3rd party medicals. The form that you obtain from your local council may stipulate that the medical is to be performed by ‘your local GP’. We cannot accept responsibility if you do not check before your appointment.

Before the exam, you will need to obtain a Taxi Medical Form from your local authority. That form can be found on our or your local governments website. It is vital that you fill in any relevant parts of the form before your appointment. We also request that you attend your appointment with a valid form of photo ID (Passport of Driving Licence), details of any current medical conditions/prescriptions and any glasses or contacts needed for driving.

During the exam, you will be asked some routine questions and receive some general tests (blood pressure/ diabetes). If you do have existing medical conditions, you will be asked some more specific questions. If you do have an ischaemic heart condition (angina/bypass/heart attack/coronary stent), you will be asked to undertake a treadmill test, and you will need to repeat the test every three years to keep your licence medical valid.
Similarly, if you have a diabetic condition, you will need to see a diabetes specialist annually and keep a twice daily record of your blood sugar levels. It is crucial that you follow these procedures to keep your licence current and valid.

You can schedule your appointment over the phone or online. We are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding the exam. It is important to note that our doctors are not qualified to certify you safe to drive. That decision rests with the DVLA and the information we provide must be authentic and accurate. If you do develop any conditions during the time between exams/ licence renewals, please contact the DVLA directly as it may invalidate your licence and insurance.


GMC Accredited Doctors Wigan

We are a qualified taxi medical provider with years of experience.

Your taxi medical will be carried out by a UK qualified doctor who will discuss your medical history, perform an examination, and carry out a range of tests including a urine test for diabetes, a blood pressure test and an eye test.

The medical will take around 30 minutes and you will be given your completed medical paperwork on the day of the medical.


Taxi Medical Form Wigan Council

Your taxi medical will be completed on the form provided by your local authority, which you must obtain and bring to your medical. Download the medical form for Wigan Council here. Print this form out, fill in any parts you are requested to before your medical, and bring this form with you for your appointment.


What to Bring for Your Taxi Medical?

  • Photo ID (passport or driving licence)
  • Your driving glasses and recent optician’s prescription
  • Details of any medication you are taking and any ongoing medical problems. It is important you obtain and bring a ‘summary printout’ of your medical records from your GP practice – you should be able to request this free of charge. When booking your medical, please allow for the time it may take to obtain this from your GP.
  • Your taxi medical form from Wigan Council.
  • N.B. We can perform taxi medicals for ANY AREA, but some councils stipulate that only the driver’s ‘OWN GP’ can fill in the paperwork – IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THIS BEFORE BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need a taxi medical?

You will need a medical on first application of your taxi/hackney/private hire vehicle, then every 3-5 years afterwards for renewals. You may be required to undergo more frequent medicals from the age of 45.

2. What if I have diabetes?

If you use insulin, you may be able to obtain a valid taxi medical, but you will need to be seeing a diabetes specialist annually and keeping a record of twice daily blood sugar testing.

3. What about heart problems?

You will need a treadmill test every 3 years in order to hold a taxi licence if you have ever had ischaemic heart disease (angina, coronary artery bypass graft, a heart attack or coronary stent insertion).

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