Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Medical

A flight information service officer (FISO) is a CAA licensed operator providing a flight information service to aircraft. FISOs need to provide information and instructions to pilots to enable them to operate safely. They are required to have a periodic medical declaration to ensure they are fit to carry out this role.

Manchester Medicals offer professional medical assessments at affordable rates. Our accredited AME will conduct this assessment and provide the declaration required on the day, should all the criteria be met.



Your AME

Dr. Chris Lydiatt is a CAA approved Aeromedical Examiner. He undertook training for a private pilot’s licence himself and understands how important a valid medical is for FISOs. Dr. Lydiatt will provide guidance through the assessment to make it a smooth and comfortable experience.



FISO Medical – The Assessment

The assessment consists of a discussion around any relevant medical history, as well as a general examination, vision and hearing tests.  The standards needed are broadly the same as for a commercial vehicle (Group 2) driver, with slightly more stringent vision and hearing requirements.




The FISO medical assessment is valid for 5 years for people below the age of 50. If you are aged between 50 and 65, the FISO medical is valid for 2 years, and for those aged between 65 and 70, the test is valid for 12 months. Over 70s need a medical every 6 months.



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Manchester Medicals has two conveniently located clinics – one at Barton Aerodrome/Manchester City Airport and one at West Didsbury. We accommodate appointments at short notice to ensure your medicals do not interfere with your job.

Please complete and bring the FISO Medical Assessment Record prior to your appointment.
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